1. Why is Expereal only available on the iPhone?

We had to start somewhere, and the founder had an iPhone. We hope to have apps and access for other platforms shortly, including web browser, Android, Microsoft, etc.

2. Are you concerned that the aggregate views will be skewed towards iPhone users, who might represent a particular demographic and psychographic not representative of the general population?

We are very concerned and do not claim that the aggregates are valid beyond the sample they average. Even within this narrow spectrum, we are working to optimize the math behind the anonymous aggregates to make them more representatively accurate.

3. Can I delete all my data when I delete my account?

The current version of Expereal allows you to delete your account, but will retain past Expereal Ratings (which you enter on the Capture screen) and associated day, day, time, free tags and location (if geo-location was allowed and entered). It will not retain People tags, and the remaining data will not be able to be attributed to you as an individual.

4. Why can't I delete all information associated with my account?

The anonymous data aggregates are difficult to compute on a rolling basis if users are allowed to delete their Expereal Ratings. Expereal is a survey, albeit one that allows you to survey yourself over time and view certain information about other anonymous users. We will take pains to preserve your (and all users') anonymity, though if you choose to share individual Expereal Ratings, you necessarily share that subset of data with your Facebook friends, as well as potentially other social media platforms.

5. Is there any chance you would change this policy?

It is possible, but unlikely, since we would then have to contend with variations in past anonymous aggregate ratings.

6. I don't agree with this attitude and approach.

That is not a question, but a perfectly reasonable perspective. If that is the case, please do NOT use Expereal.

7. What and who inspired Expereal?

Countless sources: Daniel Kahneman, Daniel Gilbert, Jonathan Harris, Nicholas Felton, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Plato, Aristotle, Rousseau and the great speakers at the Eyeo Festival. Please note that none of these sources have approved or endorsed any aspect of Expereal, including and especially the Ancient Greeks and that great Swiss author of "Discourse on the Arts & Sciences." It's also worth noting that we felt in surveying the landscape, there were great tools for collecting digital artifacts of one's life and some thoughtful mood and "happiness" apps, but nothing dead simple and beautiful that captured and relayed the fabric of life.

8. How did you come up with the aesthetic?

We wanted Expereal to look and feel different from other apps and brands without confusing users to the point of frustration - to mix classic typography with modern graphics and data visualizations. Initially, we were inspired by early printings of Newton's "Principia." We scaled back those ambitions, as the design veered too close to "Ye Olde Tavern." Special thanks goes to Jasen Dickan and Diana Lau of Human IG for bringing the vision to life in Photoshop. You would be smart to hire them. We were also lucky to work with Brian Fallon and Industry 42 (Hyun Jo and Stephen Potter), who were great front end and back end developers.

We liked the notion of the logo not being modern and sans serif-esque. It is meant to convey the beauty in imperfection as we strive to be perfect. It sounds pretentious, but that was really the inspiration. Ricardo Santos of Simple Form Studio took the original typeface, handprinted and scanned it for the final Expereal logo. For what it's worth, he was a pleasure to work with, and we were not easy.

10. Why did you select those colors for the Capture screen and data visualizations, and can I change them?

We thought they were beautiful and went through numerous rounds of color studies to arrive at them. We drove Human IG crazy trying to get them "right", and they were good sports about it. That being said, there was a certain subjective arbitrariness to them. You can't change them now, but perhaps in future releases, we will allow them to be customized.

11. How are averages computed?

We are launching Expereal, knowing that we will continue to optimize the math of the anonymous aggregates. Philosophically, we are striving for accuracy. This implies that, for instance, heavy Expereal users (i.e., those who rate many times per day) are not weighted more heavily than lighter Expereal users (i.e., those who may rate once a day or once a week). We also want to determine how best to average an individual's ratings, so that heavier usage periods are not over-weighted across a wider, more fallow usage time period.

12. Is my data secure?

We are taking precautions to ensure your data is secure. It is one reason we are releasing our earliest versions of Expereal using only Facebook login. We thought it best to not be responsible for storing usernames and passwords until the product and company are further along. That being said, please do not store other usernames and passwords in Expereal as tags.

13. Am I required to publish my Expereal Ratings to Facebook? Will my ratings auto-publish without my consent?

Absolutely not. You can publish an individual Expereal Rating to Facebook, should you like. You are not obligated or expected to do so. Additionally, the initial release of Expereal will NOT offer an auto-publish feature, so the app can only publish individual ratings to Facebook with your consent (via a button) at the time you capture it.